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Hydrographic Office Faroe Islands

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Paper charts

There are in total 8 paper charts available for the Faroes Islands, this also includes one INT Chart.

For paper chart corrections click here.

Paper charts can be purchased on the internet from: Stibo Complete

In the Faroe Islands charts can be purchased from: H. N. Jacobsens bókahandil

Electronic charts (ENC)

There are 10 electronic charts (ENC Electronic Navigational Chart) for the waters around the Faroe Islands.

Electronic charts can be purchased via resellers and distributors.

For more information see ic-inc.com.

Depth data and bathymetric data

Free depth data are available on European Marine Observation and Data Network through the following link: https://portal.emodnet-bathymetry.eu/. Please note that these depth data are in low resolution and are not updated regularly.

The Faroese Hydrographic Office possesses surveys of the Faroese waters. The surveys are of varying accuracy, given that the surveys are conducted at different times and with different technology.

The Faroese Hydrographic Office is also in the possession of surveys that are owned by other operators, for which reason the Faroese Hydrographic Office must obtain preceding permission from these other operators before data can be transferred. Please note that the Danish Defence must give a security-clearance of all transfers of depth data before the transfer can be made. We will apply for approval on your behalf. This approval is not necessary for harbour areas.

If you wish to purchase depth data or have inquiries regarding data quality, please contact sjokort@us.fo.

Hydrographic Survey – Bathymetry

Permission from Umhvørvisstovan (Faroese Environment Agency) is required to conduct bathymetric surveys in Faroese waters. Permission to survey must also be submitted for systematic surveying of wrecks.

Permission is not required from Umhvørvisstovan for bathymetric surveying within harbours as this responsibility remains with the individual harbour authority.

Permission from Umhvørvisstovan does not include authorisation for geotechnical bottom investigations. For permission to conduct a geotechnical bottom investigation please contact Jarðfeingi (Faroese Geolocial Survey).

Foreign state vessels seeking permission to survey in Faroese waters, should send the application through the diplomatic channels of the flag state to which the vessel is registered.

Conditions for hydrographicsurveying

A number of conditions must be met before, during and after survey work.

Survey data must be delivered electronically as measured minimum depths and in a standard xyz format, together with a complete metadata list (describing the equipment used, calibration methods, etc.). For further information see template for metadata here.

The data must be submitted to Umhvørvisstovan within 3 months of survey completion.

Permission for hydrographic surveying must be issued before the commencement of surveying. The processing time for bathymetry surveying permits is approximately 30 working days.
Please note that in the event of changes in the application for surveying (e.g. vessel, start/end date or location of the survey), a new case processing process will be initiated.
Umhvørvisstovan and the consultation parties are endeavouring to process the application as quickly as possible.

Template for application for maritime survey Umsóknarskjal must be sent to Umhvørvisstovan (sjokort@us.fo).

Nautical Chart Corrections

This page contains links to the latest and previously issued chart corrections. 

Chart corrections published this year: Sjókortrættingar 2024

Sjókortrættingar 2023
Sjókortrættingar 2022
Sjókortrættingar 2021

Chart corrections for each individual chart since it was printed: 

80 Waters around the Faroe Islands 
81 Faroe Islands 
82 Faroe Islands Northern Part 
83 Faroe Islands Southern Part 
84 Harbours and anchorages, North-Western Part 
85 Harbours and anchorages, North-Eastern Part 
86 Harbours and anchorages, Southern Part 
F    Faroe Islands with Maritime Zones 


Notice to Mariners in the Faroe Islands are available from DMA and Navigational Warnings are available from Vørn.


Up-to-date nautical charts and nautical publications are vital to ensure safe passage.   
When acquiring a nautical chart, it is the navigator’s responsibility to update the chart with corrections that are dated after the publication date of the chart in question.   
It is possible to subscribe to “Notices to Mariners” from DMA to receive Faroese chart corrections.

Nautical Publications

List of nautical publications concerning the Faroe Islands


For any questions, please contact: