Nautical Chart Corrections

This page contains links to the latest and previously issued chart corrections. 

Chart corrections published this year: Sjókortrættingar 2023.

Previous chart corrections: 
Sjókortrættingar 2022.
Sjókortrættingar 2021.
Chart corrections for each individual chart since it was printed: 
80 Waters around the Faroe Islands 
81 Faroe Islands 
82 Faroe Islands Northern Part 
83 Faroe Islands Southern Part 
84 Harbours and anchorages, North-Western Part 
85 Harbours and anchorages, North-Eastern Part 
86 Harbours and anchorages, Southern Part 
F    Faroe Islands with Maritime Zones 


Navigational warnings and other warnings in the Faroe Islands are available from DMA and from Vørn.


Up-to-date nautical charts and nautical publications are vital to ensure safe passage.   
When acquiring a nautical chart, it is the navigator's responsibility to update the chart with corrections that are dated after the publication date of the chart in question.   
It is possible to subscribe to “Notices to Mariners” from DMA to receive Faroese chart corrections.


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Nautical Chart Corrections